Justin Farrell and Nethaniel Gjesdal met in Ft. Polk, LA in 2009, when they were both assigned to the 1/509th Airborne Battalion. Both were Paratroopers and Combat Medics in the US Army. Justin was medically retired after 3 years of service. During an airborne operations training accident, he had suffered a spinal cord injury, which left him unable to continue serving. Nate served for 6 years total, where he deployed to Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division in 2007 before meeting Justin. He was Honorably Discharged a few months after Justin had medically retired. Their friendship in the Army led to them remaining close friends throughout their post-military lives. Eventually, they decided to start Farrell Gjesdal Strategy Group in order to utilize their skills, and build a business together. Nate and Justin hold vast experience in business management, marketing, sociology, campaigning, international politics, social media marketing, advocacy coordination, and digital strategy.

Justin began managing Congressional campaigns, and creating strategies for Political Action Committees (PACs). This was when he realized he had both a talent and passion for political strategy. He is also a Hasbara Fellow, which gave him the opportunity to travel across Israel to learn about the complex political framework of the region. He was also trained by Hasbara for social media advocacy, branding, audience targeting, and running effective content driven social media pages. He has vast experience in pro-Israel advocacy, and grassroots coordination. He is a former Master of Texas A&M’s Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. Justin is currently participating in an experimental blended Master’s program at M.I.T., where he is working towards a M.S. through the Data, Economics, and Development Policy program. He is also the current Communications Director for the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Texas.
Nate holds a B.S. in Sociology from Texas A&M University, where he graduated Magna Cumme Laude. He has conducted world class research, and has proven himself as a talented mind in the science of how society and groups think. This talent and education has made him exceptional at churning analytics, and creating audience targeting profiles for various sociological groups. From there he is able to process that data, and then refine ad targeting to make it more efficient and impactful. Nate is currently obtaining his Master of Public Service & Administration at Texas A&M’s Bush School. He was also the former President of Texas A&M’s Student Veteran Association, where he received numerous awards for outstanding service.

Justin Farrell

Managing Partner & Political Director

Nethaniel Gjesdal

Sr. Partner & Director of Data Analytics

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