"Real political results are driven by data, smart budgets, and effective leadership."
Justin Farrell
Political Strategist

Political Innovation

We develop campaigns for TODAY. What does that mean strategically though? We begin by analyzing where the attention is. In order to build a foundation for creative work that is relevant and impactful, we need to understand how and where particular people consume content. Ultimately, it’s the voter’s attention that informs how we execute.


Political Consulting

Campaign Management

We provide boutique campaign management services to viable candidates. We help execute the day to day by providing: Strategic Consulting, Budgeting, Demographic Analysis, Fundraising, Campaign Finance compliance, and Policy Platform Development. Campaign Management below the federal level is restricted to Texas candidates.

Digital & Social Media Strategy

We use culture and data to maximize your campaign. We break down demographics, and create digital profiles, that resonate with people in a real way. We’re always thinking about how we can use culture as a force multiplier for campaigns.  We are able to micro-target registered voters on Facebook, by using voter data and proprietary technology. 

Campaign Consulting

We provide general political consulting, to any level of campaign, nationwide. We analyze your campaign as a whole (branding, operations, grassroots, fundraising, social media, ad buys, etc.). Then we help implement improvements, and provide data driven insights that move the needle. 


Words, photos, endorsements, and pretty much everything you do during a campaign, is part of your brand. If you don’t have your message and brand intertwined, then you’re destined to confuse voters, and lose votes. We offer world class branding service that brings your message, and who you are, together.

Digital Strategy

You can have a brand and message, but if no one sees it, then it is useless. We are one of the leading firms in Social Media strategy for campaigns. Our ability to micro-target is one of the most effective in the nation. We are data driven, and use the most sophisticated sources and technology to get your message to actual voters.

Other ways we help


We use sophisticated strategies, and source the best data, to maximize your ability to make an impact on voters.

Direct Mail

We have the best mail houses on speed dial. This is one of the most critical tools in a campaign. If you don't have an experienced, data-rich mail house, then your mailers will be ineffective.

Opposition Research

Finding out about your opponent is imperative to a competitive campaign. We can easily do extensive research and background checks on political opponents.

Content Creation

If you need a design made for political mailers, website graphics, or social media content, then we have you covered.
• Logos/ Graphics
• Direct Mailers
• Fundraising Letters
• Digital and Print Ads
• Doorhangers
• HTML and Rich-Text Emails
• Rack Cards
• Websites
• Social Media

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