Targeting Voters on Social Media

We are one of the only full service consulting agencies that can actually target Registered Voters on Facebook. It’s a unique capability that sets us a part from other social media consultants. We can also target potential voters, whom aren’t registered, up until your state’s registration deadline! 

Facebook Voter Data

We have matched voter data with Facebook profiles for 15 States in our database. If your state isn't on the list, then no worries! We still have sophisticated modeling that will work for you. (See bottom of this page for list of states)

Voter Modeling

Whether we have your state voter list covered or not, we provide the most competative modeling for social media. We can target certain demographics or interests, with a message that resonates with them.


Available for all states, and a perfect solution for branding your campaign to various demographics and interest groups.

Content Creation

When it comes to Social Media, we do everything. We can help you design the perfect political ads, that influence the voters we target.


Micro-targeting on facebook is one of the most powerful tools for campaigns. We operate far beyond the industry standard when it comes to this and other social media platforms


We take a platform specific approach on Instagram, with the same targeting technology as we do with Facebook. It's like newspaper ads and direct mail, they require different content.


Twitter is a special beast, that most campaigns don't figure out. Quit yelling at the wind, and start getting to your local audience.

New Media

People just don't watch TV anymore. Don't waste large amounts of campaign dollars on expensive media buys, when you can spend it smartly on new media platforms that get results!

Registered Voter Data for Facebook Targeting Available for Only the following States: California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.

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