5 Social Media Hacks to Crush 2019​

By Justin Farrell

1. Make a Social Media Calendar

Organization is key to executing social media for your business. If you’re going to keep your followers engaged, then you need to start being consistent and entertaining. You’ll definitely need a blueprint to work from to do this. Plan a couple days of video content a week, where you showcase new product, or give advice on something. It’s best to include other people in the video, so it’s interactive and entertaining. Just be sure that you’re not being too complicated for the viewer. Give your followers something to look forward to. If you’re a local bar, like West End Elixr, then try a Mixology Monday. Then you can make a video about how to make a different cocktail every week. It needs to be something you can revisit every week with variety. If you’re a local car dealer then perhaps you can do a Test Drive Tuesday series, where you can showcase new cars on the lot. Just make sure you’re including contact info, so that potential customers can easily reach out.

2. Understand Your Brand

You need to sit down and think of what your business means to you and your customer. In order to connect and articulate your authenticity, you’ll need to make this clear. Layne’s Chicken, in College Station, is a perfect example of this. “Soon to be famous” is their tag line, and they have various markers for their brand. One of the biggest being, that they let customers and employees put artwork on receipts, and attach them to the wall of the restaurant. They also have their signature sauce, and stay prideful of their Aggieland roots. One of their biggest branding points, is that their menu is absurdly simple. You can get chicken fingers or chicken fingers sandwiched in-between to pieces of bread. Besides grilled cheese, that’s pretty much it! It’s simple, and their customers love it. It makes it a little hard to think of content for a place so straight forward, but it can be done. They could do a weekly episode where they involve employees and customers to tell a joke, or do an entertaining challenge. That kind of stuff increases a page’s following and engagement. This is especially powerful with local brands. More people will want to take part and get featured. The video could be a perfect improv moment and it could end up going viral. You just got to keep making content, and keep it brand oriented.

3. Understand Your Audience/Potential Customer

In College Station, a majority of your customers will be Aggies, or will somehow identify as one. You always have to keep things like this in mind when making content for social media. No one cares about your gutter cleaning service in May, but they may think of you next season if you’re giving valuable local info. Perhaps you can make a monthly series where you talk about that month’s highlights in College Station. You can also do entertaining posts like memes, where you could involve a photo of Reveille, and make a joke. If you’re not the creative type, then outsourcing is a solid option. If you don’t have the budget to outsource to a social media strategist, like us, then find a way to be relevant to your target audience and provide value. Sharing a local news article is not enough. Make a video talking about the news article you wanted to share. Get people talking about it. Have a conversation with your followers. Also, if your target customers are college students, then appeal to that.

4. Spend Time on Content

The content is key. If you’re re-sharing old memes, or shooting crappy videos with an iPhone from 2010, then it’s just not going to cut it. Be original, and present yourself with quality. It doesn’t have to be 100% polished, but it does need to resonate with your customers, and build on your brand. You can be intentionally low quality, but you have to do it right, and you have to be clever in the way you do it. The Blair Witch Project was shot with a home movie camera on purpose. Not everyone can do that though, and a lot of people never really cared for that style, so keep that in mind. You can still shoot a video on your iPhone, but make sure it shoots in 1080P, and invest in gimbal of some sorts (Osmo is a good one).

5. Give Value

If you’re a local pool cleaning service, like True Light Pools, then make video of tips for winter prep, or explain the important of maintaining good pool balance. Keep in mind, that you want to acquire customers, but showcase that you’re an expert. Perhaps a local is reading/watching your tips on pool maintenance, and gets too busy one summer. Then who are they going to call? They are going to call your company, because you showed your competency, knowledge, and passion in what you do. Some people go for the lowest price, but many people just want value and competency. A good plumber that is 3 more dollars an hour, is much more desirable than a bad plumber at the discount. Discount Tire was incredibly effective at this tactic when they made the decision to do free tire patches. Personally, I always purchase my tires from there because of that. Their prices are fair, they offer quality product, and they provided value at no cost to me. Even if the flat couldn’t have been fixed on my very first visit to Discount Tire, I would likely still buy from them, because my car was already up on the lift. If someone is trying to fix or do something, and they are seeking advice, then they may just ask you to do it. They are just wanting it done right, and they don’t want to spend a bunch of their own time and money doing it. If you’re reasonably priced, and are offering them value at no cost, then they are probably going to give you a call if they don’t have the time themselves. Build brand, make content, and be the expert they remember. That’s the key to using social media as your weapon this year. 

Keep in mind, that running micro-targeted Facebook ads is what makes these tactics the most successful. Facebook’s algorithm is always changing, so you’ll have to figure out what works best for engagement. If Facebook advertising isn’t working for you, then it means that something is wrong in the process. Do your research and find what works best. Just targeting a few interest groups in College Station isn’t going to cut it, and you’ll feel like you’re wasting your time. Audience targeting on Facebook is an art. It’s why Farrell Gjesdal Strategy Group exists, because we became experts and saw how powerful that expertise was. You don’t need to hire us to succeed in Facebook advertising. You just need a lot of expertise. This blog post will get you started. We will post more, but don’t wait! Dig in and start researching yourself. Facebook/Instagram ads are under-priced, and they are the most powerful advertising tools our world has ever seen. You’d be foolish not to run them for your business. Invest a little, and it will pay dividends. Good luck and Gig ‘Em!


– Justin Farrell